The best part of any economy is the cultivation of flowers.For Flowers give us the feeling og love,companionship,compassion,pleasure and equally provide value addition for exports.I will look at this issue purely from the India perspective.We have got huge tracts of fertile land.We have got more than 30 per cent natural rainfall facilities and the rest we have 70 per cent of tubewell facilities.Our bottleneck is that our public investment in agriculture is not moving its ineffective.Farming is giving diminishing returns.So near Bakshi Ka Talab about 10 Km from the temple city of Mata Chandrika Devi we are having Mr Akhand Pratap Singh’s daughter graduating from IIM Ahmedabad and herself becoming an entreprenuer.But we lack the cold storage chain,the aircrafts which shall fly straight from Lucknow to Sharjah to Dubai to Johanesburg in South Africa to Zimbabwe to Denmark,Netherland and other nations of the USA,Canada also we must target the entire European Union.Whatever the truth is the fact lies that we have to get more and more revenues earned fron our agri-business activities.Having said this we need new variety of seeds Chrysanthymums,Gladiolus,SadaBhar,Rajnigandha etc the varieties are only found in India.Bignonia Venestra is also a rare variety.A lot of these varieties you cna get at the National Botanical Garden NBRI at Lucknow.Bur we need proper supply chain mgt.Transportation etc.

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