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Henry Fayol is known as the Father of Traditional Management. He belonged to France and propounded his 14 points Administrative theory. The 1904 Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Men’s Champion from the USA Fredrick Winslow Taylor was the propounded of time and motion studies and was the Scientific Management Theory Founder and our Modern Management formulations Founder was none other than the Management by Objectives-MBO-1957 concept Founder,Prof.Peter Drucker.Management is interdisciplinary. It is made out of 3000 odd disciplines. To manage means “to get work done by others.” Prof Peter Ferdinand Drucker (1909-2005),has put Management as 1-To manage people,2-To manage work,3-To Manage Managers,4-To Manage Manager’s Work and 5-last, but not the least, but the most important is Self-Management which Peter Senge of the Learning Organization’s fame in 1995 “THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE” has put it as “SELF MASTERY.” Organizations are groups of people, in a work environment brought together to achieve particular GOALS.However,First type of Organization Culture, the dominant,Bania Chap Organization Culture in India, is related to the local, town trader, who pays his employees little renumeration.Makes them work very hard for 18-20 hours per day,follows no labor laws and pays miserably. In India, many organizations viz.Bal Krishna Poddar(BKP)and Co.Kolkata,dealing in petroleum products,Dabur Ayurvedic Corp.India,Vaidyanath Chavanprash,Kolkata,most of the Small and Medium Enterprises, all over the world favor such a Cultural Organization Approach where Profit Motive is the First Objective.The Second Category of Organization Culture is related to “Quit Before You Perish” Viz. it means that be Quick to Sell Off,Liqiudate when faced with a Stronger Competitor like with the onset of Economic Liberalization,Privatization and Globalization(LPG)post-1991,INDIA, the Ramesh Chauhan’s Parle Group sold the THUMPS UP BRAND at Rs 400 Crore and so did it sell LIMCA,MAAZA and GOLD SPOT to the World No 1 Soft Drinks Corporation the Atlanta based USA Monolith Giant COCA COLA.Then,comes the Third organization Culture variety, which is “if you cant beat them, join them”, Organization Strategy, which means become a Franchise/Licensee of Nestlé, Coca Cola,Cadury Choclate,etc.rather than compete the MNCs with their own domestic capabilities viz.Economies of Scale.Lastly,we “must formulate our own MNCs in India.” Which we have done with 150 INDIAN MNC’s on the GLOBAL BUSINESS LANDSCAPE,today.Developing World Class Companies is our INDIAN MANAGEMENT, Fourth Paradigm.Ranbaxy,TCS,Infosys,Tata Motors,CIPLA,Bharat Forge,TATA STEEL,TVS Group,VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES and to include a host of 150 International Business MNCs of India are already in Global Marketplace in the 4-I’s Globalization paradigm of “integrating a national economy with the international economy”=ECONOMIC GLOBALIZATION viz.1-Individual Consumer viz. Marketing & Sales,2-Investment-FDI’s+FII’s,3-Information Technology-India is the Information Technology Software Business Capital of the World and 4-Industry-China is the Manufacturing,Industrialisation and Hardware Capital of the World.Then,the question remains that in 6 billion people inhabiting the globe today,4 billion are living below the poverty line,BPL viz.$2 per day and less and 2 billion people are living above the Poverty line APL more than $2 per day. How to bring the sub-Saharan african nations,the middle-east and Arabic world, the Latin American nations is the biggest challenge of the 21st century.HRM IN INDIA. The system of good managerial practices started with INFOSYS led by Founder-Managing Director-MD,Chief Executive Officer-CEO,Narayana Murthy,after quitting from PATNI COMPUTERS in 1975 to lay the foundations of a learning Information Technology Organization of World Class standard in Bangalore India.Today,it is involved in the Social Responsibility of Business (SRB) of opening mid-day meals, for children in Schools, in Hoobly District of Karnataka. I strongly believe that HRM originated in the United States in the early decades of the 20th century, to do away with the Trade Unions and attribution rates viz.people/employees leaving jobs. The Principle of NUT-Need Use and Throw of HRM is prevalent in Indian Organizations in majority as mentioned by Bania Chap Corporation’s, the profit seeking Organizations, without scant response to Corporate Governance,HRM,and Social Responsibility of Business.Moreover,the better Organization’s viz.MNC’s follow the NUG MODEL-Need, Use and Grow with training and development and spending on employees for growth as a part of the Company way Viz.IBM Way,GE Way,HP Way, Dell Way,3M Way etc.Then,a stage comes in the Employees Life Cycle(ELC) within a Corporation that he or she begins to feel the WIFM SYNDROMME-What is in this job for me? Syndromme. This happens, when the Romance, Marriage, Honeymoon and Maturity part with the Organization is over and it becomes a pain in the neck, for the employee, to be a part of an Organization, where due to many subjective benchmarks based on rumour and informal communications, the real performance of an employee, goes un-noticed and the pseudo-performance of the Management By Sycophancy (MBP) gets the success, it deserves, by being close to the Boss and the Corporate Power Structure within the influential designations in the organization, whose assessment counts at the end of the day and not work performance or customer delight. This is the stage in which the divorce process of the employee and the corporation process are initiated. This is what is called by Prof Charles Handy of London Business School, who is Guru of Prof Aurnob Roy,Lucknow University, INDIA of London-born BBC-World Globalization ideology, of the 4P’s of MANAGEMENT=1-People, 2-Power, 3-Politics, and lastly, 4-Practicalities, matter the most , because beg, borrow or steal management mantra,” is to get the job done by others through any means”, maybe,” Greed is the means to Achieve Countless Success” and be a Success Story at any Cost. Nothing succeeds like success but this is the wrong meaning of HRM.The right meaning of the HRM sense is out of all resources given to man it is man who can grow and contribute to organizational productivity, efficiency and effectiveness is the OCTAPACE-MODEL given by Prof Udai Pareek of IIM,Ahmedabad,1986, which means 1-Openness, 2-Collaboration, 3-Trust,4-Authenticity, 5-Pro-activity, 6-Authority,7-Competition, 8-Experimentation/Innovation.The HR Wheel given by the USTD-United States Association of Training and Development is fourfold in nature.1-AQUIREMENT FUNTION, 2-DEVELOPMENT FUNCTION, 3-MOTIVATION FUNCTION & 4-MAINTAINENCE FUNCTION If the above four functions are done well then a firm moves towards Surrepetition viz.Beyond Competition as stated by Prof.Edward De Bono,a master on Lateral Thinking and Creativity.Prof.Peter Senge talks about the Personal Mastery Model which is essential for an inward development focus of an HR which shall go a long way in maintaining the search towards excellence, improving at every level, learning at every level, not concerned with any hierarchical designation but working towards organizational objectives the HR strives to move up to the next level in services deliverance. INDIA AS A SUPER POWER BY 2050-The Goldman Sach’s Report 2007-The world’s largest investment banker puts it that by 2050 China shall be the number 1, Economy of the World and India shall be the No.2 Economy in the World. Earlier, the same Report in 2005 had rated India as the 4th largest world Economy in the PPP [Purchasing Power Parity] Standards. However, Mr. Arun Maira, Chairman, Boston Consulting Group , India, the different Model scenarios of-1-Pehle Bharat,2-Atakta Bharat,3-Khatakta Bharat 4-Matakta Bharat In the Pehla Bharat Model he has stated that 10-15% Economic Growth of India per annum at a constant high growth trajectory with FD, FII, Investment and Savings rate rising over 40% per annum. In the Atakta Bharat which is more realistic India is caught in Market operations Economic Trade Cycles or Uncertain Business environment with the hardening of the rupee to the dollar, more inflation rate, problems in structural adjustment programme of economic reforms, sometimes more than 10 per cent and some times less than 5% is the Atakta Bharat Model.In the Khatakta Bharat Model India has 70 per cent population having no access to sanitation, the market for social utility services have not started in the sanitation sector at all whereas communist China has 100 per cent sanitation facility and after 1962 Sulabh Sauchalaya no private sector International and National Corporation has seen and entered into the Sanitation market with user prices norms as a system of civil social utilities management and let the market mechanism work for its upkeep and price fixations like India has done it in the Telecom market with 225 million consumers with oligopolistic players BSNL,VODAFONE,AIRTEL,IDEA,RELIANCE,TATA INDICOM etc taking the lead. Then the 1 lakh rupee car has not yet been unvield in the market.The Country is lacking in Power to the tune of 30,000 Million Mega Watts. Most of the homes in suburban India have less than 3 hours of electricity per day. The Domestic Airlines of Air Deccan, Air Sahara, Kingfisher etc are flourishing but at the same time we are having the assembly line serpentine que and inhuman railway travel by those general passengers and bus travelers in Delhi Transport Corporation Buses and Trains like the Mumbai Local trains which are the backbones of the Mumbai economy being bombarded with killings on a regular basis by terrorists. The we have the retail giants like TESCO , Marks and Spencer, WALMART piggybacking on BHART-AIRTEL-Sunil Mittal having shelf Spaces in India Malls whereas still 250 million Indians are living BPL-Below the Poverty Line viz. Less than 1 U.S Dollar per day is the Khatakta Bharat Model. The Atakta Bharat is the Entertainment Industry. The rise of Bollywood .Total grossers of Mafia money with Dawood Ibrahim based Dubai Money of the Drug Barons, Oil Mafia and Stock Market Money Launderers in this MATAKTA BHARAT case scenario, along with Mukta Arts and Reliance Labs-Adlabs based mass entertainment Industry. Its a Global Cultural Liberalization this Matakta Bharat for you have Yana Gupta, the Czech actress, belly dancers from Russia, Austria, Khirgistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Croatia, UK etc. and Indian girls taking part in the world of Fashion Technology and Fashion Industry its no doubt realistic that Ms.World, 1994-Aishwariya Rai-Bachchan, 1995-Miss Universe-Ms. Sushmita Sen and 1996-Ms.Asia Pacific-Ms. Diya Mirza. The Export Industry if Marketing India is also growing at 35 per cent but it will take time to let the masses in villages of rural India where electricity is lacking and only three hours of electricity is present to be a part of MATAKTA BHARAT already in URBAN INDIA the common Girl of the metro is getting 42 colors of PINK Shades of LIPSTICKS from REVLON and the Men are Getting Trousers from Van Huesen,Zodiac,Raymods,Siya Ram, Mayur Suiting, James Hemstead,Arrow Shirts of USA with a flourishing ready to wear Fashion Industry with Brand recognition and recall with Brand Identity and Brand Equity on the rise.

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