I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following respected knowledge society members for their support, inspiration, motivation, synergy, emotional bank account (EBA), criticisms, analysis, enthusiasm and giving me “a pat on the back” and the much needed integrity and life long learning, as an important part in completing this textbook venture in collaboration with Mr.Dinesh Kant, CEO, Vrinda Publications Pvt.Ltd.New Delhi.


This is my journey towards attaining world class excellence in applied strategic management.


Special thanks are due to Major General K.K.Ohri, AVSM, Retd. Director General, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Campus, for his constant inspiration and guidance, as my mentor.


I extend my gratitude to Mr. Aseem Chauhan , M.B.A , Finance , Wharton Business School , Pennsylvania , USA , Chancellor, Amity University,Rajasthan,Jaipur and Additional Vice President Ritnand Balved Educational Foundation Society (RBEF) ,AKC House, New Delhi , for his vision of world class corporate culture and organization values , which we strive to fulfill , our dreams , as Amitians.His faith, trust and responsibility empowered in me , as a “Role Model” is commendable.


I am deeply indebted to Prof.R.P.Singh ,Director, of our Amity Business School ,Amity University ,Uttar Pradesh ,Lucknow Campus ,formerly ,Director ,Agriculture Management Center ,(AMC) ,Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIML) and Fellow , Harvard University ,USA , an academician of high repute for his constant support, guidance and motivation in this creative venture.


Thanks are also due to Prof.Mahendra Singh Sodha,Former Director ,I.I.T New Delhi , Vice Chancellor ,Devi Ahalya University Indore ,MP , Vice Chancellor , Lucknow University UP and Vice Chancellor ,Barakatullah University ,Bhopal , MP who has been a source of inspiration and positiveness throughout my academic career since the last 15 years.


Special thanks are due to my friend, philosopher and guide Dr. Awadhesh K. Singh , Assistant Director ,Regional Center of Urban and Environmental Studies-RCUES , Lucknow University and Consultant , World Bank ,Washington DC , USA , as for me he is the “Hanuman of a Researcher” and has always been “an instant learning tonic” for my attitude.


Thanks are due to Dr.Nimish Gupta, Senior Lecturer, Amity Business School for his consistent guidance and meticulous planning towards managerial effectiveness.


I am especially thankful to my “Guru” Prof.A.K Sengupta,Economist,Head ,Dept. of Economics ,Director ,Institute of Development Studies ,Lucknow University ,Director ,M.B.A-Marketing, Institute of Management Sciences , Lucknow University, Former Finance Officer ,Lucknow University, Consultant ,World Bank ,Washington DC USA and member ,State Planning Commission ,UP ,Yojna Bhawan for his consistent source of inspiration ,guidance and having faith in me , saying repeatedly ,” You can do it. Just do it.”


I extend my gratitude to my friends and colleagues in the world of academics viz. Prof. John Parnell, PhD. Pembroke, North Carolina University , USA , Prof. Michael Porter ,Professor Strategy ,Harvard Business School ,USA ,Prof. Henry Mintzberg ,Professor of Strategy ,Mac Gill University , Montreal , Canada, Prof. Ranjan Das , Professor , IIM ,Kolkata and Prof. C.K Prahlad ,Professor of Strategy ,Michigan University ,USA for extending me constant support and discussions to make this textbook reader-friendly.


To Mr.Ashok K Verma I owe the credit for his creativity and acting as a “Guru” in pointing out my mistakes to make the textbook and the Case Studies particularly up-to-date in the present context of Economic Reforms and Corporate India’s applications.


I owe my gratitude to Mr. Ajit K Srivastava, M.A. Economics, our administrative facilitator at the Amity University, Lucknow Campus, for his synergic hard work in typing the text, the layout in its present form. Without him, this work would be incomplete in all its dimensions.


I would like to thanks my ABS faculty members viz.Dr.Ekta Rastogi, Dr.Nimish Gupta,Prof.Brijendra Singh,Prof.Anupama R ,Prof.Jayanti Srivastava,Prof.Ram Saran Srivastava,Prof.Suchitra Srivastava,Prof.Aarti Mehta Sharma,Dr.Alka Singh Bhatt,Prof.Shailja Dixit,Dr.Manu Johri, Prof.Swati Singh,Prof.Parul Tripathi,Prof.Shaily Vaderra,Prof.Rohit Khushwaha,Dr.Amit Kumar Sinha,Prof.Anviti Gupta,Prof.Sabeeha Fatima,Prof.Shaista Anwar,Dr.Kamayini Joshi,Dr.Azhra Ishrat,Dr. Saima Rizvi,Prof. Seema Wali,Prof.Reshma Bhartiya and Dr.Mahima Sharma for their constant source of re-energising my intellectual potential.


Thanks are also due to my academic friends’ viz.Prof.Pooja Bhatia, Dr.Raj Kumar Ohja, Dr Masood Siddique,Dr Sanjay Rastogi,Dr.Mridula Goel,Dr.S.R.Mussanna,Prof.S.Chakraborty,Prof.Malay Bhattacharya,IIMB,Prof.Ravi Bannerjee, Dr.Devasheesh Bose, Prof.Suneel Gupta, Prof.Arun Bhadauria, Prof.Puneet Mohan, Prof. Shaily Mishra & Prof.Amit Batanagar.


Special thanks to my publishers of this textbook-Vrinda Publications and its CEO,Mr Dinesh Kant for being so kind, co-operative and positive that working has been a pleasure with him.Also,Mr.Rakesh Sethi , Sales Officer and Representative of VPPL , his Herculean contribution to network with me and monitor the book’s progress despite his busy schedule is commendable.


Lastly, I wish to thank my wife, Mrs.Sumita Roy, my daughter Sneha Roy for sparing me out of other pursuits of their time so that I could complete this book.Also,to my mother,Smt.Shobhna Roy,for her relentless positive feedback and constructive criticism.Thanks are also due to Mr.Uday Shankar Bhattacharya and Mrs. Urmika Bhattacharya, my in-laws for their constant blessings in this enterprise.










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