Today as I write this BLOG India has 8 per cent inflation,Indian Oil and its associated Companies are loosing crores of rupees per day and the foodgrains prices are on the rise.When we are having 150 MNC’s of India the news of our Pharma Major,Ranbaxy,[Total Turnover of 36,000 Crore Rs.,equivalent to $ 8.4 Billion, in India-2008-The 50 per cent of its[Ranbaxy] stake is now taken over by Japanese Co.Daiichi Sankyo,Tokyo,Japan in a $4.6 Billion Deal, CEO, Takash Shoda.Ranbaxy will soon become a subsidiary of Daiichi Sankyo,what a Strategy of sell-off]founded by Bhai Mohan Singh in 1905,run by his son Dr Parminder Singh throughout the 1960 to 1990s to a British CEO in Mr John Tempest and now with CEO and MD Malvinder Singh sell off to a Japanese Pharma major was a big blow to Indian Corporate sector, when we have endorsed the aquisition by Tata of Corus,and many other such acquisitions by Indian Companies abrwe endorse the presence of Shahnaaz Hussain in Harvard Business Review Case Studies,Biocons-India-,LML,BAJAJ,TVS,TATA,RAYMONDS,CADILA,CIPLA,INFOSYS,NIIT,HCL,etc.presence abroad.
The next General Elections slated to be on 2009-May I prefer to say that we are in for bad times.Bad economics is Good Politics and Bad Politics is Good economics.


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