The last few days of November-2008, made us realize that how cruel is human mind. On one hand, we are going to the moon, making power, out of nuclear reactors, signing the USA and India Power Generation through Nuclear Reactor’s agreement. On the other hand, we have cheap hands, to be rented and trained to be terror mongers anywhere in the world. Globalization of Terrorism is a New Global International Economics’, International Politics Theme because United Nation’s is a Dead Organization. The Democratic Independent State of India has failed us in safeguarding, the life and security of its civilians, just like it failed, to preserve, the lives of Mahatma Gandhi-The father of The Indian Nation, on 30th January 1948,Prime minister in chair-Indira Gandhi on 31st October 1984,Former Prime Minister-Rajeev Gandhi on 21st May 1991 and KPS Gill who got the terrorism out of Punjab did not get a Bharat Ratna nor did a Kapil Dev, get it for Winning the 1983 World Cup for India, beating the Giants in Cricket The West Indies, at Lord’s London, England, in UK for the first and only time. Yes, we know more about terrorism than the west in India. Thousands of Indian dead bodies mean little to the West and USA in particular than the 6 Dead Bodies of US Citizens. We as Indians must have some self respect for our people for our citizens. Just the other day in Lucknow for over half an hour I was traumatized by Lucknow Police in Telibagh South City for being together with the car security VVIP entrouge of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the Godmother of the Indian Republic and not before 2 months, with a court case, a lawyer fee, that I got back, my driving license and registration certificate. Add on’s were the abusive language, bouncers that I patiently defended, in silence, just as I used to duck and weave, in playing bouncers, in cricket, as in my time, the technique mattered, more than runs. What Kasab and his friends did was clean butchery. What prompted them may well be Gujarat Violence, Malegaon Violence, Babri Masjid Destruction and other reasons. But no reason is worth the salt, to give, for the killing license of innocents to outlaws seeking PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS TO KILL FOR REWARDS IN MONEY. That’s the Army of Killers of OSAMA BIN LADEN, MAULANA OMAR, DAWOOD IBRAHIM, TIGER MEMMON, and MAULANA MASOOD AZHAR. No reason gives UP Police to call anyone a Muslim and equating him with a terrorist and that too, when the inspector concerned, is himself, a Muslim Mohd.Ashfaq Khan. Terrorism is communitised.This is wrong. No Religion is for mass violence, mass killing and mass butchery. Am reminded of the second world war-1939-1945, German Butchery of JEWS under Adolph Hitler. Do we not learn lessons from history? If Pakistan high command is hiding maulana Masood Azhar,Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon and scores of other young Mujadheen,Jaish-e-Mohammad,Lashkar-e-Taiba and others than its wrong. They must suffer and India must ATTACK Pakistan on the basis of its own agenda. We do not need the USA approval of Condalizza Rice, George Bush or the New-President Elect, Barrack Hussein Obama because its Indian economy, Indian People, Indian Polity, Indian Defense, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Army, Indian Rich and Indian Poor, Indian Businessman and all are suffering from this Pakistani and Middle East Agenda to demoralize the Indian Economic Power. Please do not forget that we are one of the FASTEST EMERGING ECONOMY MARKETS, SUPER POWER as has been stated in 2005 by Goldman Sachs, World’s No.1 Investment Banker, and BRIC REPORT including-Brazil, Russia, India and China. Actions are required not just media stories because in Peshawar,faridkot, Multan, Baluchistan district of Pakistan and the entire Afghanistan and also, in CIS countries, along with IRAQ and IRAN, also the monetary resources from the middle east, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Libya etc.are giving Energy Tablets of Motivation Boosters to terrorism and Black Money Economy through the Stock Markets Speculations, in the Arms industry and blood bath industry id flourishing with troops of KASAB’s having AK-47 and various sophisticated weapons viz. Gun’s 200 Rounds of Gun-Fire and heaps of human meat, with blood flowing, on the floors of TAJ HOTEL,THE TRIDENT,THE OBEROI and many more like CENTAUR MARRIOTT,HYATT, HILTON can well be added. Its mass hysteria, its mass fear, mass killings and here a focused terrorist hinterland strikes by air army and navy approach is required. Just as in 1971, December, war with Pakistan for creation of Bangladesh lasted 9 days only initiated by India and by Mrs.Indira Gandhi and the 1990-91 Operation DESERT STORM Approach against Saddam Hussein lasted less than 10 days initiated by George Bush, the Senior, must be absolutely on target, hitting and smashing these terrorist below the belt, on a mass scale, with political will and quick decisions, can only bring peace to these troubled regions of South Asia and India, in particular, otherwise, Terror of Mumbai, today will be Terror of Lahore, tomorrow and Terror of Delhi, the day after, no soft dismissals, no BANANA REPUBLIC. In INDIA, we need action from inaction and when I write this Blog I am willing with my countrymen like Amitabh Bachchan who had to put a .32 bore loaded revolver, under his pillow and taken sleeping pills, to have a very disturbed night’s sleep on wed.26-11-2008, Mumbai Terror case Study, to suffer the repercussions of WAR ON TERROR. We Need a SAFE, Growing and Strong Indian Republic. Let’s stop another KARGIL.LET’S STOP ANOTHER MUMBAI TERROR. Let’s Act. Let’s Perform. Just Do It. Till Death, Each and Every Indian must commit himself and herself to the nation. We Can’t Take this BUTCHERY IN THE NAME OF JIHAD Mildly Anymore.


2 thoughts on “MUMBAI TERROR”

  1. I know the timid people in this world who will hail democracy but will escape terrorism use old weapons when the terrorists use sophisticated weapons,all over India the outdated STF,Rapid Police Action force.
    All this needs strategy,initiative and I repent where is Churchill where is Dwight Eisenhower,Where is Strategic Leadership even George W Bush father of the present bush was better.Attack and Win when Talks yield Lies Lies and Lies between Indo-Pak relations standing on Mirage.Attack is the best form off defense.Terrorists must be butchered to death wherever they thrivive Afghanistan,Iraq,Iran,India,Peshawar,Karachi and all.

  2. a good person, is in this world always in prisonners dilemma, he wants to help a stranger, but he cant……as he, can be made accused of terrorism…..he is ready to raise a voice but no one is in support,for him, at last he thinks…….JO CHAL RAHA HAI , CHALNE DO……lekin kab tak……whatever is happening let it happen,but till when injustice will win over justice,what you wrote sir is absolutely correct n exact to the heart of a common man in India where people run away after making an accident and no one helps the injured the…..but one day one of us become a common man of the movie….THE WEDNESDAY….and the day is not longer……

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