Born in the early 1930s Bordi Mashu was a Lucknowite.
She studied English Literature and History at University of Lucknow.
Paul Brunton,Sri Aurobindo,David Cassey to name a few were her favorite authors.
Still, I cant forget the scolding I got from her for killing huge number of catterpillars in early 1970″s in her garden at her Kharagpur ,(Which boasts the longest railway platform in the world),West Bengal, India, Railway Bunglow, which had snakes at the back of the house.
The land of her birth was Lucknow.
The land of her demise was Jaipur.
After 3 years of prolonged caged illness due to heart stroke affecting neurological functions.
LUCKNOW beckons her?
It is the same LUCKNOW in INDIA where I BELONG.
The Literary touch of Ghalib,
Muzaffar Ali,
Mateen Khan,
Wajid Ali Shah,
Sayyed Ali Khan,
Naushad Ali,
Talat Mahmood,
Roshan Abbas,
Sufi Saint Haji Waris Ali Shah,
Sufi Saint Shah Mina Shah,
Sufi Saint Kwaja Khamman Peer,
is here in the land of India,mystics saints,sadhu’s to man in space 1984,Rakesh Sharma,to satellittes,Aryabhatta,to donkey,horse,cycle,rickshaw,tempo,TATA MOTORS Chota Haathi,NANO,BMW,Maruti 800 twenty years old to Maruti SX4
all moving jestling fighting each other
on one highway depicts our environment,
our people,
our Indian culture,
Our Indian Business,
With more than 150 Indian MNC’s,today(2010).
Aunty’s childhood name was Lilly/Khuku
to so many others which I yet do not know.
As I understand from the words of my DIDU,Smt.Nonibala Banerji,my late maternal grandmother,a brand ambassadress of AFGHAN SNOW CREAM and Cantheridine hair oil from Calcutta now Kolkata.
Aunty viz Bordi Mashu was the first child born to her in the family later to be followed by three others,she was so full of dreams,angelic beauty,sensitive and ignited enthusiasm.
She completed her education from Lucknow University with specialisation in English Literature.
Out of so many aspects in her life, I am here, to dwell, on just two issues.
1-Her Spiritual Dimension
2-Her Love for Nature and disadvantaged Human beings.
She was a devout of Sri Shidi Sai Baba of Nasik Maharashtra and was a devotee of SRI SATYA SAI BABA of Puttaparthi near Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh in India from whom she has had her DEEKSHA.In both the potraraits of both the avatars, I have seen in reality, Honey,Vibhuti-Ashes, from the Holy, falling on the woodenframed potraits of SHIRDI SAI BABA and SATYA SAI BABA.
She used to pray early in the morning in her tapsya from 3 a.m to 6 a.m.
She loved her team of Cats,Jojo,her own dog and within her she had a deep love for survival of animals,plants,and human beings.Plants to her was life personified.Bignonia Venestra,Bogonvalia,roses,were the love flowers which were so very close to her.
So was Chrysanthemum,Gladiolus,Poppies,Lillies and come what may I really treasure those moments when food was secondary put passion for plants,books,spiritualism was primary.
In my last meeting with her,in June 1 2005, I had told her, we will meet again and we will and I am waiting, probably, in next life.I strongly believe in regression therapy,life after death,reiki and our core values,ethics,duties and deeds.


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